Season 1 Episode 2 – Mickey’s Epiphany




Show Notes

Topic #1: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad To Undergo $4M, 9-Month Renovation

deadwood_l_5445What if Frontierland was themed like HBO’s “Deadwood” TV Series?

Frontierland has very little going for it in Disneyland, here’s an idea to make things a little more interesting. 😉

Tell me this wouldn’t be awesome. I mean for grownups. Children don’t do well in Deadwood, but for the grownups…

Yeah, this might not be such a good idea after all.

Topic #2: Princess Fantasy Faire Replaced By “Mickey and the Magical Map”

I didn’t say too much about the new show, because frankly it doesn’t interest me, so I talked mostly about the Princesses moving to where the Carnation Plaza Garden was, and how pissed the “swingers” are about it. It makes sense that the swing dancers are mad, and it makes sense that the princesses are being moved outside of the castle… the truth is none of it really interests me either, but it was fun to talk about.

Topic #3: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have added a symbol next to children’s menu items that meet certain nutritional guidelines at quick-service restaurants. 

A nice accommodation for health conscious parents, and people watching their waistline. I don’t necessarily agree with the whole make-your-kids-eat-healthy-at-Disneyland thing. As a parent, I agree wholeheartedly that kids should eat healthy and exercise every day, but Disneyland should be a break from all that for a kid. I talk about that a little.

Main Topic: Disneyland’s Three Kings Celebration

The long and the short of it: I thoroughly enjoyed myself. For details listen to the podcast, and as promised on the podcast, here are some videos and pictures.


Video I took of The Mariachi Divas at the Three Kings Celebration in Disneyland (1-5-13). I used a DSLR to take the video. It had no automatic zoom and no auto focus, so cut me some slack over the production value.

Here they sing something (don’t ask me what) and “La Bamba”

Here they sing something else (again, don’t ask me what) and “The Three Caballeros”






After I left the Three Kings Celebration, I spied a few Disney Princesses…


And check out this cool pin I bought!


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