Season 1 Episode 20 – Shanghai’d

By Paul Hale | April 3, 2016

  Paul, Laura and guest host, Robert T. discuss tiered pricing, Disney’s Shanghai money-pit and how it relates to Disneyland current pricing and Disney’s lawsuit over foreign workers’ visas. Robert T. discusses DCA’s Food & Wine Festival, Wondercon and his Disney Cosplay Photo Shoot meetup, and the show wraps up with a brief review and discussion…

Season 1 Episode 19 – The Rage Awakens

By Paul Hale | February 16, 2016

  Paul & Laura return after a 2-year hiatus to discuss the Disney Parks’ price hike. Paul reviews “Deadpool”, followed by a discussion about the upcoming Star Wars Land.

Season 1 Episode 18 – Space Mountain With Sunglasses On

By Paul Hale | February 9, 2014

  Not much to talk about with regards to current events in this episode, though there are some merchandising events going on this month.

Season 1 Episode 17 – The Buckle End

By Paul Hale | January 14, 2014

  Paul and guest-host Daniel discuss refurbs, rumors, and Meryl Streep’s vitriolic and slanderous remarks about Walt Disney.

Season 1 Episode 16 – Let The Ducks Eat Me

By Paul Hale | September 30, 2013

Current Events: Disneyland: Disabled Will No Longer Skip Lines: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Disneyland-Disabled-No-Longer-Skip-Lines-224810762.html A Little DLR HIstory September 19 , 1959 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev denied permission to visit Disneyland – http://www.snopes.com/disney/parks/nikita.asp

Season 1 Episode 15 – The Leota Effect

By Paul Hale | September 15, 2013

Join us with Daniel and Tommy of The Disgeek Podcast as we discuss Halloween at Disneyland, and we introduce a new segment, “Disney Attraction Origins”. For our first, we have decided to go with a DLR fan favorite, and classic attraction, The Haunted Mansion…kinda goes with the whole Halloween thing too. 😀

Season 1 Episode 14 – Waiting In Line To Die

By Paul Hale | August 28, 2013

  We answer an e-mail: Cosette Walsh takes exception to Paul calling a woman with muscular dystrophy wanting to ride a Segway throughout Disneyland an “abuser” (which he never said). Paul and Laura address this e-mail.

Season 1 Episode 13 – Tomorrow Comes Today

By Paul Hale | August 1, 2013

Show Notes: Current Events:  Disneyland Eye-Scream Sundae Returns: http://blog.pe.com/2013/07/27/disneyland-eye-scream-sundae-returns/  Segway Too Unstable for Park Goers, Court Says: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2013/07/disneyland-segways/  http://www.scpr.org/news/2013/07/25/38366/court-says-disneyland-can-keep-segway-ban/

Season 1 Episode 12- In Monstro’s Eye

By Paul Hale | July 8, 2013

“Meet and greet THIS!” ~Laura Gannon one second before smacking Cinderella with a frying pan. In this episode: We discuss Princess “Meet & Greets” and how Disneyland has taken the royalty off the streets, and hidden them inside the Princess Fantasy Faire. I’m going to miss being able to ambush princesses as they stroll through…

Season 1 Episode 11 – Hair Salad

By Paul Hale | April 15, 2013

  This episode is another Disney Story Origins (number 4), where I discuss the Grimm fairytale “Rapunzel”, it’s origin, it’s historical context and compared it to Disney’s “Tangled”