Season 1 Episode 7 – The DLRomance



In this episode I talk about some things you can do, to slowly and tactfully achieve closeness and intimacy on a date at Disneyland, by using the park, the attractions and the environments to your advantage.

Simply kissing someone you feel for in Disneyland is not necessarily a romantic gesture. It’s kissing someone; no different than kissing them in a parking lot or grocery store. But there are places within Disneyland to steal kisses and achieve maximum romance.

I list some of the best place/attractions to steal a kiss from the guy/girl you love at Disneyland Park.

I’d love to say I’m a Casanova and came up with all of this myself, but I had help from some great travel blogs. Thanks to Without Baggage, Travel Mamas, and Disney Insider. Without their help, this would have been a much shorter episode, and I am much remiss for forgetting to mention them in the actual podcast.

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