Season 1 Episode 12- In Monstro’s Eye


“Meet and greet THIS!” ~Laura Gannon one second before smacking Cinderella with a frying pan.

In this episode:

We discuss Princess “Meet & Greets” and how Disneyland has taken the royalty off the streets, and hidden them inside the Princess Fantasy Faire. I’m going to miss being able to ambush princesses as they stroll through the park, and being able to use my zoom lens to get some unique photos from Disney Princesses:


Most times, you’ll get really nice shots like this. Princesses walking around and ignoring people… I’d nip at their heels like paparazzi until they looked at me. Belle was a good sport about it on this occasion. Though behind those shining, smiling eyes she’s probably thinking “Eat, s(beep)t weirdo.”


Here’s another nice one. I used my zoom lens, and then cut the people she was posing with out when I got home.


“Don’t touch my necklace… Cuz I’M INSAAAANE!”

Using a zoom-lens, and holding down the shutter while Princesses talk to guests was one of my favorite pastimes at DLR. Some of the facial expressions I captured are priceless.


“You smell like chimney.”

Now this next one is one of my favorites. I don’t think it’s that rare  to piss off a Princess. I do think it’s priceless to actually capture it with a camera:


“I hope you f(beep)king die.”

This is a result of me calling out to Snow while holding the shutter. She looked over at me, smiled and waved and then turned her attention to the kids. It was only when I got home that I saw this. It is THE first picture when she looked at me, and it must have happened in a flash, because I didn’t see it with my eye. Snow White clearly wants to put a nail file through my eye, and to be honest I don’t blame her. When I want a princess to look into my lens, I can be real obnoxious about it, which is Paparazzi 101 – say something to get them to look at you.

Current Events discussed in this episode:

Gisele Bündchen and Family Visit Disneyland (

Tom Brady Rides Tower of Terror at Disneyland With Wife Gisele, Doesn’t Look, Too Terrified

Controversy:  We discussed complaints about “Disney Princesses of color” or the lack thereof.

We discuss how Disney live-action movies suck. The Lone Ranger sucks.

We discuss 2013 Grad Nite at Disneyland,  and Laura ralks about her days working that event as a cast member

Grad Nite Prep

Pulling out booze bottles in fun places

Silly string in crazy places

Potty accidents in all of the wrong places

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