Season 1 Episode 13 – Tomorrow Comes Today


Show Notes:

Current Events:

 Disneyland Eye-Scream Sundae Returns:

 Segway Too Unstable for Park Goers, Court Says:

 A Little DLR History:

 July 29, 2011: The removal of the iconic Golden Gate bridge facade in Disney California Adventure is completed as part of the theme park’s $1 billion makeover. When California Adventure opened in 2001, the facade was part of a larger tribute to California, meant to give guests a postcard view of the state.

 Aug. 2, 2002: The Bangles, an all-girl pop group, performed at Disney California Adventure.

 Aug. 1, 1997: Bob Penfield, the last of the original Disneyland opening day employees, is honored for his retirement after more than 42 years of service with a window on Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland.

Aug. 9, 1969: The doors of the Haunted Mansion creek open for the first time.

Aug. 3, 1960: Eight-year-old Raymond Sleeper of Hawaii becomes the 10-millionth visitor to ride Disneyland’s train. He took the ride with Walt Disney.

Topic #1

Happy Birthday to Casey Jr. Trains (July 31, 1955). Turns 58 and was opened 2 weeks after the park, because it needed further testing.

Topic #2

The potential of Tomorrowland and Innoventions (Star Wars aside)

Wall-E ride in Innoventions

– prequel of Wall-E: Experience the effects of a gravity-less environment and how it would change people over decades. Cars would be like those moving chairs in EPCOT. Experience what it would be like to go back to earth to gravity

Autopia would be flying cars or pod racers

VR experience of controlling a Mars Rover put into a story or game where you have to collect artifacts on Mars or install a computer network on Mars.

The return of a people mover like attraction that shows you little previews of the attractions in Tomorrowland.  Only the cars would hover over the track.

Beyond Earth – what our species will have to be concerned with when our world becomes more Galactic.  Educational exhibit.

Journey to the outer solar system attraction – like a crazy upgrade to Mission to Mars.

Preview of what Disneyland would be like on the moon.

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