Season 1 Episode 16 – Let The Ducks Eat Me


Current Events:

Disneyland: Disabled Will No Longer Skip Lines:

A Little DLR HIstory

September 19 , 1959 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev denied permission to visit Disneyland –

A Touch of Disneyness 

After our touch of Disneyness, Paul tells an impromptu anecdote about a chapter in his misspent youth and brings up the Rockin’ The Parks promotion Disneyland did  in 2007. Here are videos of Rockin’ Space Mountain (for what it’s worth. It’s hard to see) with “Higher Ground” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rockin’ California Screamin’ with “All Around The World”, again, by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Main Topic

Laura’s CM Halloween Stories Vol. 1

Snooping around the Haunted Mansion during the Tim burton takeover.

Ghost stories in the Mansion

  • Red baseball cap boy seen in THM and Pirates
  • People scattering ashes in the mansion
  • The little girl ghost with her ball.
  • Laura’s Orb (apparition) sighting. Was it a prank or a ghost? We’ll never know but something was messing with Laura in THM
  • Esmeralda in the Penny Arcade can only hand out good fortunes because Walt wanted it that way. HOWEVER, despite the policy, every now and then Esmeralda spits out a bad fortune.

For more great Disney Ghost Stories get the book, The Park After Dark!

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