Not much to talk about with regards to current events in this episode, though there are some merchandising events going on this month.

The first is Jerrod Maruyama – Hipster Weekend: “Castle Coffee Break” Artist Showcase & Signing (sorry we were late on this one. It already happened).


As they celebrated the release of Castle Coffee Break, they also shared two other pieces titled A Small World Of Cute and Life Lessons from Princesses.


And the next event I found out about through our Tauren friend, Robert Torres, is “Mechanical Kingdoms: Steam-Driven Visions of a Mechanical Future”, and this is a merchandising event, looks pretty cool if you’re into steampunk.


Laura discusses Space Mountain, and I share a little story about the Disneyland TV show and UFOs that I learned from the book:

Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South? And Other Forbidden Disney Stories by Jim Korkis

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