Season 1 Episode 5 – Made Without Permission



In this episode I discuss the independant film “Escape From Tomorrow”, which was shot inside WDW and DLR without Disney’s permission.

Personally I have no problem with folks shooting narrative films in the parks. Just check out Youtube. People do it all the time. Some are film companies trying to make a name for themselves, others are filmmakers trying to get their foot in the door. None of them go looking for distribution at film festivals or expect to turn a profit from their films beyond, maybe, scoring a job by showing what they can do.

The director of “Escape From Tomorrow” displays a complete lack of respect for the parks, and the people who visit them regularly, he does this film without permission and expects to be rewarded and paid for not getting caught. I make it pretty clear how I feel about this guy, and what Disney should do about it.

Then I talk about what Disneyness is. Some people call it Disney Magic, others don’t even have a word for it, but I talk about what it is to me, and how it works.

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  1. Robert T on January 30, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    I agree with you Paul. Disney should fight this on general purpose! The guy sounds like a real duchbag and is having daddy issues and decided to take it out on Disney.

    ‘Heavily influenced by various strange outings I endured as a boy with my father — who at the time lived in Orlando, Florida — ‘Escape From Tomorrow’ is my personal attempt to make sense of what felt like a very artificial childhood, brought on by our cultural obsession with these fake, manufactured worlds of so-called fantasy,’ he said (Daily Mail Online – See link in show notes)

    As you said, if this movie was filmed at SeaWorld, Knott’s Berry farm, or Six-flags Magic Mountain, I don’t think the film festival would have taken notice. But since he did it in secret, without Disney’s permission, it delivered the attention the movie maker was craving.

    In addition, I do believe that he did violated one of the DLR rules about photography. I cannot find the rule itself, but in the DLR FAQ, under Theme Parks it states –

    Professional photographers with professional cameras or recording equipment, who are visiting the Disneyland Resort with the intent to take photographs or recordings of people, Disneyland Resort properties, or icons for professional purposes must make prior arrangements with Disneyland Resort Media Relations.

    I know this rule very well. When I have gone into the DLR, I am always asked if I am a professional photographer at the baggage check-point by a CM, because of my “prosumer” camera and large tripod.

    Also, this not the first time a film was made at WDW & DLR, without Disney’s permission. The most recent film was a 10 minute short that can be found on YouTube, Missing in the Mansion. The creators of the short were interviewed on the DisGeek Podcast. And while they are inspiring movie makers, one can feel that they still respect Disney, and didn’t go out of their way to malign the Disney image and culture.

    In the end, I feel that Disney should fight against this movie. The film maker may well be within his rights to make a parody or artistic interruption of the Disney image. But I do not feel they should be rewarded for breaking park rules about filming for professional use or financial gains without Disney’s permission. Fight this idiot Disney! Before you open up the flood gates to every other yahoo who thinks they can make their film at Disneyland, or any other place of business, without the permission of the owner of said Business.